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Find partners for art sponsoring worldwide. Sponsor-Service provides a database with companies sponsoring artists, painters, actors, exibitions, events and all forms of art. Wether you are looking for sponsors for a regional event or for a global project, here you will get the right contacts.

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Art sponsoring
Art sponsoring is a good marketing tool for many companies. It is excellent suitable for public relation purposes and to increase the fame of a brand. So many companies are open to offers for art sponsoring. But how to find these companies and how can you attend their interest in your projects?

If you have searched for a sponsor yourself already, then you will know, how difficult, sometimes even hopeless it is to find suitable financiers or advertisement partners for art sponsoring. With sponsor service it will be different. Now you finally have the right instrument at hand to be successful in the sponsor market.

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Address several hundredthousand companies worldwide with Sponsor-Service. Increase your chances to find the right sponsors by many. Do not let this chance pass you and start your search today. With an entry into our database you receive the best contacts from thousands of possible sponsors, both within the regional area, and for international projects.

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