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Sponsor-Service provides a wide range of sponsorship for all kinds of activities. Finance your sports, arts, culture and social events with sponsoring. Search our sponorship database for the right sponsor which matches exactly to your needs.

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Looking for sponsorship
With Sponsor-Service you can search a database with more than hundredthousand companies worldwide which are providing sponsorship. Select exactly those companies which match to your special project. This will increase your chances for sponsorship a lot. Take this chance and start your search for a sponsor now.
Sponsorship profile
Your data will be checked with our sponsor`s data on a regular basis. Therefore a sponsor profile is created from your data and an offer profile is created. From the sponsors a profile is created as well. These profiles are constantly cross-checked by computer, meaning for each potential sponsor a matching offer is searched for and for each offerer a matching sponsor. With this it is guaranteed, that the right partners find each other making the basis for a permanent partnership possible.

Based on the data cross-check all possible companies receive an offer according to the statement and data you made. Therefore only those companies receive an offer, for whom you are an interesting advertising medium. Therefore unnecessary scatter loss is avoided right away.

Find your sponsorship now
All you have to do is to enter the data about your project to our database. Check out our homepage for more information and register now.

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