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Sports sponsoring is the biggest section in sponsoring worldwide. Finance your sports with Sponsor-Service, the international sponsoring database. Attract exactly those companies which match to your needs. Whether you are looking for a sponsor for global activities or only for a regional area, you will find the right partners here.

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Sports sponsoring
Though there is an increasing demand from the sponsor side it is very difficult to find those companies, which might be interested in a sports sponsoring. If you have ever tried to find a sponsor yourself, you will know, how much time, effort and money this costs. An entry in the sponsor-service database increases your chances by much. Most persons looking for a sponsor were able to present success after only a short time. If you are seriously looking for sports sponsoring, you may not leave out this chance.
Getting contacts for sports sponsoring
Your offer will be checked with our sponsor`s data. For each potential sponsor a matching offer is searched for and for each offerer a matching sponsor. With this it is guaranteed, that the right partners find each other making the basis for a permanent partnership possible.

Based on the data cross-check all possible companies receive an offer according to the statement and data you made. Therefore only those companies receive an offer, for whom you are an interesting advertising medium. Therefore unnecessary scatter loss is avoided right away.

Enter your sports projects now
All you have to do is register to the Sponsoring -Service database and enter the details of your activities. Donīt miss this opportunity and start your search for a sponsor now. Click through to our website to find out more.

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