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Learn how to get a sponsor for arts, culture and social projects. Our database comprises thousands of companies which are interested in arts sponsoring. Get in contact with that companies which are looking for a project exactly like yours. Increase your chances to find a sponsor by many.

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More about arts sponsoring
Arts sponsoring
For many companies arts sponsoring is very important for their public relations policy. Sponsoring of arts is a very important factor of our social life. But how can you get in contact with companies willing to sponsor arts? And how to attract them to your projects? Find out the answers to these questions with Sponsor-Service, the sponsoring marketplace in the internet.
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Our database comprises thousands of sponsors worldwide, many of them are interested in arts sponsoring. By entering your project to our database, your data will be compared to all the profiles of the stored companies. Those companies whose needs are matching with your profile, will get an offer about your project right away. That means only those companies receive an offer, for whom you are an interesting advertising medium. Therefore unnecessary scatter loss is avoided right away.
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Donīt let this chance pass you. Register to the Sponsoring -Service database and enter the details of your activities. Donīt miss this opportunity and start your search for a sponsor now. Click through to our website to find out more.

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