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Culture sponsoring is important for our social life. For most companies culture sponsoring is a good possibility to show their social commitment. With Sponsor-Service you get in contact with potential sponsors for your events. Find sponsors for music, shows, theatre, museums, welfare, arts, exhibitions, literature, education and much more.

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For many companies culture sponsoring is a good possibility to show social commitment. It can improve their image, increase their popularity and helps a lot in terms of public relation. This is why so many companies are open to any kind of culture sponsoring. So if you have a project which fits to that scheme, the chances to find a sponsor are really good.
Getting contacts with Sponsor-Service
Thousands of companies worldwide which are interessted in becoming a sponsor or which are already sponsoring are stored in our database. By entering your data to our data bank you have the chance to find those companies which matches to your project. So your request will only come to those potential sponsors who will really be interessted.
Enter your culture projects now
All you have to do is register to the Sponsoring -Service database and enter the details of your event. A profile of your request will be created and we will compare it to all the profiles of the sponsors. Those who matches will get an offer right away and you can be sure they will be interessted. Click through to our website to find out more.

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