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Sponsors are waiting for your offer ! But how to find out which company might be interessted in your project. Address the right sponsors by using the database of Sponsor-Service. Find sponsors for sports, music events, inventions, culture and arts events, science and technical projects, welfare and much more.

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Sponsoring is a important marketing tool for many companies. All major firms are looking for good projects to sponsor. But how can you find out which sponsors are the right partners for your project? And how to get in contact with those sponsors ? If you have ever tried to find sponsors you will know how difficult it is.
Data bank with thousands of sponsors
The Sponsor-Service database comprises more than 20,000 companies worldwide which are currently sponsoring or which are interested in sponsoring. On the basis of their profiles we can find out which of them could be interessted in your special project. That means we only address really potential sponsors for you.
How to start
All you have to do is register to the Sponsors -Service database and enter the details of your project you are seeking sponsors for. We will create a profile of your request and compare it to all the profiles of the sponsors. Those who matches will get an offer right away and you can be sure they will be interessted. Click through to our website to find out more.

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