Sponsoring is an important part in the public relation work of famous enterprises today. As an additional advertisement media, it increases the general publicity, improves your image and motivates inside the company your employees.

Nothing serves better than a well-aimed image-transfer as a well placed sponsoring, matching your company`s image.

But the offer is huge and it is hardly possible to survey it. In order for your engagement not to be wasted, the projects have to be exactly aimed at your goals offering you the best possible use.

Sponsor-service, our international data bank, makes it easier for you to select. Within our world-wide economic service we offer you this one of a kind and for you absolutely free of charge service.

You have two possibilities:

You can get an overall look at the possibilities of sponsoring in order to develop ideas for your own advertisement strategies. For this our data bank in the internet serves you. You may enter with a pass word and then you can make use of all our data. Along to each data frame you can if neccessary ask for more information.

You can aim your search and find the offers matching your imagination. Based on the statements you made you immediately receive interesting offers just for you.

Our data bank is not limited to certain areas, but holds almost all areas, which are possible for sponsoring. The field of sports, culture. Art, science as well as public organisations and projects are represented.

Other than the usual methods of employing agencies the sponsor-service has several advantages: our offer to the one looking for sponsors is so much larger, than that of an agency. Agencies almost always only offer their own projects. Most of the time the economic interests of the agencies play a major role.

With sponsor-service no preferences to single projects are made. The only criteria is the match of profile of the offer and the demand. With this you can be certain, that we will offer you only those projects, which match your imagination.

An other advantage of the sponsor-service is the keeping of your anonymity. With discretion you receive all information about a project and then decide yourself, whether and when you present your identity to the favoured partners. This saves nerving questions and avoids being overloaded with questions.

The most important advantage of sponsor-service:

  • for sponsors free of charge
  • anonymity towards those looking for sponsors as long as you desire such
  • well-aimed selection from the huge offer
  • offers of all areas
  • absolute discretion

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